Monday, November 16, 2009

Triple bottom line: money is green

In green business circles you hear a lot about the "triple bottom line":  planet + people + prosperity, or if you prefer Es:  ecology, equity, economy.

In the prosperity/economy vein, I've previously shared posts from Cheapskate Monthly (a newsletter and website at, by Mary Hunt). Recently I discovered another blog about personal finance that blends commonsense money advice with book reviews and a Lifehacker-esque vibe:

One of my favorite posts this week proposed uncluttering your house as a means of improving your productivity and saving money. As a recovering maximalist, this idea really appeals to me.  He says, and I quote: "I link to Unclutterer [blog] frequently because I believe there is a strong connection between clutter and financial problems, since clutter represents having more physical possessions than you can manage and all of those possessions cost money. Plus, dealing with clutter requires a time investment and in our busy lives, time has a very high value."

He also mentions Getting Things Done, a highly-recommended book about productivity.  He doesn't mention but the concept video came to mind as I was pulling together links for this post.  Enjoy!

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