Sunday, October 25, 2009

Putting up for winter

This weekend I made like a squirrel and stocked up for winter.

My friend MS and I chopped, peeled, and cooked about half a bushel of golden delicious apples into sauce one morning: no sugar required, even. The maiden voyage of my new canner went off without a hitch, but I have new respect for farm women who do this on a regular basis!

Later I worked on packing up the garden and took a critical look at the compost tumbler: too many food scraps and not enough dry brown stuff has resulted in a lumpy mass of dark slime. Eww. Luckily, there's a great supply of dry leaves on the ground right now to help remedy the situation. In fact, as I hiked around the neighborhood this afternoon I acquired a bunch of already-bagged leaves from neighbors - will keep these under the deck to feed the trash heap.

Incidentally, leaves make a great compost all by themselves: fallen leaves break down into what garden centers sell as leaf mold. It's easy to make (just abandon a pile of leaves for a year or two and they'll decompose) and rich in nutrients that benefit your garden soil.
Photo credit: an ode to Fraggle Rock.

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