Sunday, October 25, 2009

B2B Green Forum in Baltimore

Last week I attended the Baltimore B2B Green Forum organized by TerraChord. This event gathered many prominent members of the local green business community for idea exchange and networking.

Slides from presentations are available at the B2B website here.

Here's a sampling of what I learned at the forum...

Baltimore City is launching a new sustainability website in November at

Zipcar is planning to expand its Baltimore network in the near future.

Green buildings no longer cost more to build than traditional construction, yet the spaces rent and sell for higher prices than those in non-green buildings? Check the green real estate resources on Stuart Kaplow's website, or join his e-newsletter for legal briefs on local green building developments.

The National Aquarium at Baltimore has several conservation outreach programs, as well as a green roof and progressive recycling campaigns with at their Inner Harbor facilities.

Geoff Stack of STACK Coordination shared ideas about sustainable business strategies from his work with Natural Step and from Bob Willard's website

You can attend free online training for EPA's Energy Star programs at

Johns Hopkins University is continuing their sustainability work on campus with a carbon footprint inventory, green building projects, and sustainable transportation.

The Green Building Institute in Jessup offers courses in all aspects of green building and living.


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