Friday, April 18, 2008

Green your garbage

This weekend, Baltimore county is hosting a sale on compost bins at the Carver Center in Towson: bins are on sale for $35 and you don't have to be a county resident to purchase.

Composting is a great way to recycle your yard and kitchen garbage, while doing your garden a favor too. Once your scraps have decomposed in a bin or pile, they make excellent (and free) fertilizer for your plants.

In areas of New York and New Jersey, residents must pay for trash pickup... while this is not yet an issue here in Maryland, why not get in the habit of recycling and composting now to cut down on your trash?

Read about composting at these websites...

Baltimore County composting advice

Compost Guide from Clean Air Gardening - a treasure trove of information about composting. Check out the links to his other sites too.

I've been cooking up batches of compost in the tumbler I got last summer from the Clean Air Gardening store (shown in the photo above). Read up on recipe advice and watch your green/brown ratio, or you'll end up with a slimy mess like I did! This season I'm adding more shredded leaves saved from my winter yard cleanup, and hoping for the best.

If you aren't up for outdoor composting, consider vermicomposting with worms.

Redworms can live quite happily indoors in a plastic container filled with shredded newspaper and your table scraps, eventually converting them into a fine garden fertilizer of worm droppings. An entrepreneurial organization called Terracycle has built a company that sells such worm fertilizer in two-liter soda bottles collected from the public. It's good for your garden and for the environment.

Read about worm composting at these websites...

Baltimore County vermicomposting

And here's a great website and blog about everything wormish, written by the aforementioned Compost Guy:

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