Friday, December 14, 2012

What's even better than recycling? This.

Are you upgrading your iGadget this holiday season?  You can sell the old one on one of these websites:  it's greener than recycling it AND you get money!

But even before that, try to fix it:

I bought one of these iFixit kits to fix my old classic iPod when it died last year.  The kit included all the tools and YouTube video instructions for deconstructing it and replacing the battery… very easy to follow, but alas, my iPod was really most sincerely dead.  Perhaps others will fare better - maybe your iThing is only mostly dead?  At any rate, the iFixit kit cost me less than $20, but the enginerdy joy of taking something apart and putting it back together, combined with the glee I experienced from the idea of sticking it to the purveyors of planned obsolescence?  Priceless.

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