Monday, November 5, 2012

Post-hurricane cleanup info

Thinking of those impacted by Hurricane Sandy:  find helpful EPA and FEMA info here.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has created a webpage for updates and information about FEMA's work with communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  On this site you will find news releases, answers to frequently-asked questions about post-flooding cleanup issues, and contact information for your state emergency office.

A few general tips:
-Bring drinking water to a rolling boil for one minute to kill water-borne bacterial pathogens
-Remove and discard anything that has been wet for more than 24-48 hours to avoid mold issues

Read more about mold, disaster debris, and how flooding could affect your household well or septic system on EPA's website here: 

Visit the main hurricane response website here:

Residents of certain counties in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York can register for assistance on the website here:

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