Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is your city sustainable?

“The battle to prevent catastrophic climate change will be won or lost in our cities…” (C40 Cities Initiative)

Several studies about “climate-ready” or “resilient” cities have been in the news this week. These rankings are based on factors such as:

• political commitment
• LEED-certified buildings per capita
• university leadership
• transit access/use per capita
• clean tech investment
• energy and GHG emissions

Read on for links to these articles, and the top ten city rankings by geographic area.

U.S. city rankings by CO2 Impact:
10. Chicago
9. San Jose
8. Philadelphia
7. New York
6. San Diego
5. Denver
4. Washington, DC
3. Portland Oregon
2. Seattle
1. San Francisco

U.S. & Canada rankings posted by the NRDC:

1. San Francisco
2. Vancouver
3. New York City
4. Seattle
5. Denver

Global rankings by CO2 impact:
10. Tokyo, Japan
9. London, UK
8. New York, USA
7. San Francisco, USA
6. Paris, France
5. Vancouver, Canada
4. Stockholm, Sweden
3. Barcelona, Spain
2. Curitiba, Brazil
1. Copenhagen, Denmark

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Alex said...

Hey there,

This is a great blog you have here. Check out my post on going bottleless in cities around the world, another step in achieving sustainability.

Also, let me know if you would be interested in getting involved in our campaign to rid the world of bottled water