Monday, June 13, 2011

Lost cats, livable streets, and community

This Grist article about livable streets and sustainable communities reminds me of the time I lost my cat.  After pounding the pavement for a day or two, I sent a distressed email to a handful of my closest neighbors.  One replied immediately, and it turns out my cat had gotten locked in her garage.  Phew!

A friend from a different neighborhood was amazed that I not only knew my neighbors, but had their email addresses too.  Apparently Rodgers Forge is the exception rather than the rule in Baltimore neighborhoods:  families living in close proximity have more chances to chat over the front porch or backyard fence, help unload groceries, pet-sit, play with each others' kids, and generally be more involved in each others' lives.

For all that I complain about people rushing between house and car with scarcely a moment to greet neighbors or walk around the block, I think my neighborhood is better than many in this regard.  In this day and age where we're more virtually-connected than ever, there's still something to be said for being able to walk out the door and talk to another human being face to face.

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