Saturday, April 30, 2011

Paint it black, no, green!

In a bout of spring cleaning this year, I decided it was time to paint a few more rooms in my house.  Did you know that Sherwin Williams has two lines of Environmentally-Preferred low-VOC paint?  They come in just about any color you could want, and I can attest that they stink much less than regular paints.

Read about these paints (Duration and Harmony) here:

If you hire a painting contractor, tell him/her to look for Pro Green low-VOC interior latex paint.

And if you're going for LEED credit, here are the standards you'll want to look for in paint, adhesives, and sealants under the Indoor Environmental Quality credit area:
Green Seal Standards 3, 11, 36
SCAQMD #1113, 1168

Here's a post I wrote last year about another low-VOC paint from Home Depot...

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