Thursday, January 13, 2011

LEED 2012: NextGen

The LEED rating system has evolved from v2.2 to 2009 to 2012. The first comment period for this latest version of LEED ends on Monday 17 Jan, and before it does, comments are invited here:

USGBC Maryland chapter chair Stuart Kaplow, Esq., has written this article about remarkable changes in this new version.

Highlights from his article and presentation at today's chapter event:

-Philosophical transition from “less negative” to “positive” environmental impact re: net zero buildings.

-No more easy credits: standard practice credits like Fundamental Refrigerant Management have been removed, but not replaced with a higher standard.

-Three new credit categories: Integrated Process, Location & Transportation, and Performance

-More prescriptive, less room for interpretation

-More emphasis on Energy, less on IEQ credits

-Note that actual credit weights have not yet been released.

Other points of interest:

-Datacenter-specific rating system may be coming in the future

-India and UAE have the highest square footage of LEED buildings outside the USA

-LEED currently has about 25% non-residential market penetration

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