Monday, March 1, 2010

Green jobs and networking resources

Recent career advice from Annie Fisher of Fortune magazine has included lots of resources about green jobs.  See below for these links, and read the full article here.

Green Career Central

Green Careers for Dummies (Wiley, $19.99)

"State of Green Business 2010," a free, downloadable report from
GreenBiz also runs four industry-specific sites job hunters might find helpful: ClimateBiz, GreenerBuildings, GreenerComputing, and GreenerDesign.

Federal government agencies worth checking for information on green jobs and internships:
Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency.

There are now more than 80 green job boards online -- among them,, and TreeHugger

Green Drinks International, an informal network of green-minded businesspeople, academics, and others who meet in bars to socialize and share ideas. Green Drinks has chapters in 598 cities worldwide.

ALM note:  You may also want to check out and the green/sustainability groups on LinkedIn.


Carol McClelland said...

Thanks ALM! Appreciate your efforts to help people connect with resources for finding Green Careers.

Love to read how your career has evolved from researching in your free time to having a job that is all about green!

KTdid said...

Shaking every (green) tree--in an attempt to find someone (relatively) nearby to design a green house (home) in Lancaster County, PA.
Can you help?

ALM said...

Carol, thanks for your comment! Glad to help.

KTdid, I don't know any near Lancaster, but you may want to check the USGBC directory on their website: you can search for architects, contractors, etc, by state

Also on the USGBC website you can get in touch with your local chapter, either Central PA or Delaware Valley (which includes Philly). Good luck!