Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Smart Grid and energy news

The Smart Grid is all over energy news these days, and it's going to affect YOU:  rate caps expiring, increasing energy use overloading an antiquated electrical grid, developments in renewable energy technology... if you use energy, pay attention.

Recently I watched a webinar sponsored by (view slides/video here):  this group provides webinars, events calendar, and an e-newsletter at their website. Whitepapers like this one co-produced by Accenture and the World Economic Forum discuss how smart grids can be the backbone infrastructure for future energy solutions and green economy.

The US Department of Energy also has a website devoted to smart grid developments:  read news, research, and articles, including a paper titled "Smart Grid:  an introduction," here.

Read even more about the smart grid from a facility management standpoint here:  pricing, demand response concerns, energy efficiency & management.

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