Friday, February 13, 2009

Rx for gardeners with cabin fever

Are you itching to get your spring vegetable garden started? Me too. So I've been collecting tips to make this year's garden better than ever...

Green tip for starting seeds: save your empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls to use instead of buying those little peat pots from the garden center. It's green and cheap!

Mapping out your garden but not sure what to plant where? Read about companion planting in Carrots Love Tomatoes, a book recommended by my gardening pal in Vermont.

Check out the latest Maryland Home & Garden newsletter and their new Grow it! Eat it! campaign. They also post a monthly calendar with recommended dates for planting and other timely garden tasks.


1 comment:

Mr. Banks said...

What an awesome Idea! We would have never thought about using toilet & paper towel rolls for seeding. We will definitely use this idea the next time we germinate from seed.

Mr. & Mrs. Banks